Beer Burro

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What is a Beer Burro?

  • A beer and or entertainment burro is a miniature burro which is about 32-33 inches tall.
  • They are very gentle and have the most angelic little faces and their big donkey ears just make them so darn irresistible.
  • We make sure they come to you bathed, brushed and decorated to fit your wedding, corporate event, quinceanera, or house party in any colors that accommodate you.
  • They are completely coordinated to fit your event, and wear a little saddle pack cooler, which will be filled with your choice of beverages.
  • Bring a beer burro to your wedding, corporate event or next party and you can be sure that your guests will be smiling, laughing and engaging with our darling, gentle donkeys.
  • Their childlike personalities attract everyone and they are always an immediate ice-breaker for any event.
  • Come meet our minis and see why they are the perfect addition to your event. Our adorable minis will be what your guests talk about forever.


1 amigo (burro):

One-hour (minimum) is $450.00

One-hour, 30-minute is $675.00

Two- hours (maximum) is $900.00

**For events outside of the valley there is a travel fee.  It's important we know your location as soon as possible to ensure a precise quote.

Burros for Rustic Weddings

Planning a rustic wedding? Give your wedding more rustic charm by including Cave Creak Beer Burros at your wedding! These adorable native Arizona animals will give your rustic wedding venue an even more authentic feel. Our irresistible burros will put a smile on everyone’s face!

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